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Shake The Faith

Casey Lindstrom: Lead guitar, vocals
Jesse Mayer: drums
Todd Erikson: bass guitar

Original Liner Notes

September 5, 1987

It’s 87 and rock is still flying around Boston. Although the scene has fragmented into a few epicenters of club activity and a wide range of styles, an insane number of groups still take on the odds. With an endless stream on supply, the fight to avoid being disposable is the toughest. Being around and in people’s minds in a year is an enormous effort for a band, and nobody’s even talking about keeping up with the bills yet.

When the “New Models” broke up, I cried. One of Boston’s best for years went ignored by the record honchos in New York and L.A.; the members could simply keep the faith no longer. Then, there was “Fingerpaint”, who went from 0 to 60 so fast that the group seemed destined for the stratosphere, only to blow apart once victory appeared to be at hand. So, Casey, from the former, brought his axe and Jesse, from the later, loaded in his drum kit. Somewhere along the way the two found this incredible bass player without an attitude; when they jammed the cartoon light bulb went on somewhere over their heads.

“SHAKE THE FAITH” was born and no time was wasted. In only a matter of months, the band had stamped it’s imprint on Boston with a debut 45 and massive local airplay, an appearance in WBCN’s Rumnble, and a steady supply of club gigs. SO, for some, the boys are back; for others, the faces are new. Either way, this band is good! Leave your visions of drum machine and synthesizer programmed rock at home because “SHAKE THE FAITH” isn’t a mechanized bunch of automatons humming along on stage; they are three fiery rockers who bash the best sound systems to bits. This is rock, primal and professional. This is a power trio lifted from the pretentious 60’s roots to an exciting dance powerhouse. This band’s songs and desire for glory should take them as far as they would like to go. This record is proof ! Of course, there are a lot of you who don’t need any proof, so stop reading and start listening!

Driving Power Pop, Punk & Powerful Alternative Metal hooks, produced by Phil Greene at Normandy Sound, combine into an explosive musical mix of emotion, lyrics and unique musical talent for which this album won the 1987 Boston Music Award for Independent Rock. It still ranks today as one of the best Independent Alternative Metal albums ever released.

Casey Lindstrom was the moving force, songwriter, lead guitar & vocals for THE NEW MODELS whose major hit record "Sight and Sound" was produced by Ric Ocasek. THE NEW MODELS were one of the 1st MTV video bands. Besides doing studio work with Ric Ocasek, Casey was Ric's lead guitar player for "The Beatitude" tour. In 1986 casey joined with Jesse Mayer [from the national act FINGERPAINT and whose other credits include: CAGED HEAT, MDM, BLACK MARKET MEDALLIONS, DOWNCHILD, & THE SIPHLOIDS] and with Todd Erikson [STILL MISSING, FREERIDER whose hobby is racing motocross]. SHAKE THE FAITH has played with THE REPLACEMENTS, MOTHER LOVE BONE [later to become PEARL JAM] SOUL ASYLUM and was one of the 1st bands to cross the line between PUNK & METAL. SHAKE THE FAITH has just [3/18/00] released their 2nd album "REVIVAL".

Shake The Faith - Shake The Faith

Shake The Faith

1. Wild World
2. Already Gone
3. Skip on a Record
4. That's What We're In For
5. Believe In Me
6. Mixed Emotions
7. Whipping Boy

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