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The Outlets

David Barton: Lead Singer, Lead Guitar, Songwriter
Rick Barton (Zinc): Rhythm Guitar
Walter Gustafson: Drums
Joe McCormack, Michael County, Rob Johnson: Bass Guitar

The Outlets have been one of the most prolific and exciting live bands in the Northeast since the early 80's. There have been several line-up changes throughout the years but the music by David Barton, an extraordinarily talented songwriter, has remained brilliantly intense, with power pop hooks and a punk attitude. Live, The Outlets, then and now, create an overpowering presence, great music and kick ass rock! The Outlets' first releases were on Modern Method (Mike Dreese/Newbury Comics' label); they later released singles on American Music/One Way Productions and One Way Productions.

In 1985 The Outlets released their only full length album of the 80's Whole New World (Restless/Enigma) recorded at Blue Jay Recording Studios (Rob Dimit producing) by,and for, One Way Productions; this album received critical acclaim and won the designation as being recommended by Billboard> magazine.

Rick Barton, one of the co-founders of The Outlets and David Barton's older brother, moved on to co-found The Dropkick Murphys and acted as their rhythm guitar player and lead songwriter until recently when he left The Dropkick Murphys to start The Shadow Blasters but he has been known to appear on stage with The Outlets when his touring schedule permits.

Rick re-joined The Outlets in the studio to record the self titled Hendrix Records 13-song 1999 release The Outlets. Also released in 1999 by One Way Productions, I Remember is an 18-song retrospective of some of THE OUTLETS most popular songs of the 80's and 90's. David Barton has also scored music for television and the movie Hard Promises starring Sissy Spacek & William Peterson. I Remember contains Outlets songs, unavailable anywhere else, recorded by the band that made them famous in the underground rock scene.

The Outlets were a 1980s Boston rock band, consisting of David Alex Barton on vocals, his brother Rick Barton on lead guitar, Mike White on bass and Walter Gustafson on drums.


An acclaimed live band, The Outlets attained success in the greater Boston music scene but failed to gain national attention when they signed with Restless/Enigma in 1985, despite modest critical acclaim including a recommendation from Billboard. They are best known for the single "Knock Me Down", a regional hit. David Alex Barton reunited The Outlets in the late 1990s. The band reunited again in 2005. Barton's son plays in the bands Call of Decency and Altitude Zero, bands which originated at the Fenn School.

Barton's brother, Rick went on to be a founding member of Dropkick Murphys, though he has subsequently left the group. He is currently on tour with his new band Everybody Out. Walter Gustafson's post-Outlets resume includes several tours drumming for Gang Green as well as stints with The Freeze, Smegma and The Nuns, DAMM and Nervous Eaters. Today he plays with Mung and Con-Sole.

Barton boys' cousin, the Somerville, Massachusetts guitarist/songwriter, Bill Trudell, co-wrote many Outlets songs, and helped define The Outlets' early sound. Trudell released a collection of songs entitled Pleasure Package in June 2008.

The Outlets - I Remember

I Remember

01. Eddie
02. I Remember
03. Knock Me Down
04. When Space Dries Up
05. Your Love
06. Worlds Of Pain
07. Yeah Yeah Yeah
08. If I Were The One
09. Give It Away
10. Can't Cheat The Reaper
11. Fade Back
12. Heartbeat
13. Sheila
14. Made In Japan
15. Best Friend
16. Bible Talk
17. Whole New World
18. A Valentine Song

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