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Left Nut

Norman Jabar (Steamy Latrine): Vocals
Gary Gardiner: Drums, vocals
Barry Edwards: Vocals, guitar
Mike Welsh: Bass guitar, vocals
Don Gardiner: Vocals, guitar

Left Nut took Boston by storm in 1988 and made it to the WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble Semi-Finals in 1990. Left Nut always gave the audience their money's worth with hard driving duel guitars and a no wimps blend of punk rock and Beer Drinking Southern Slam.

Left Nut

Left Nut:
Bad Attitude, No Apologies

01. Inside My Shoes
02. Long Time To Cum
03. Strange
04. I Give It Up
05. Take The Last Train
06. Torch This Place
07. Hard Drugs
08. Scared, I'm Sorry
09. Temporarily Involved
10. I Refuse
11. Dumpster

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Left Nut

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