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Last Stand

Tom Keenan (TK): lead/rhythm guitar, vocals
Pete Mulford: lead/rhythm guitar, vocals
Cathy DeMarco: drums
Tom Carnali: bass guitar
Other bassists have included: Frank Schact, Romeo Santo

Original Liner Notes

Last Stand has been slugging it out since 1984, when they issued their first split single with Noonday Underground for the Taang! label, "Injun Joe" and "Scum Guns." A three-song EP followed in 1985, Coup D'etat, and a year later, their first full-length album, Approved Cuts. Further releases followed throughout the '80s (1988's Faith in Fate and 1989's Boston Callin') before the group went on hiatus by the mid-'90s. But eventually the quintet re-formed for a sellout reunion show in 1998 at TT The Bears in Cambridge, MA, resulting in their first full-length release in years, 2000's Any Battle Won.
- All Music

20 Songs - Approved Cuts & Faith in Fate LP's combined
Boston Callin' European Release // Digital Master

The European Release now being released in the United States for the first time! This record contains digitally remastered performances of both "Approved Cuts" and "Faith in Fate".

Recommended by Maximum Rock & Roll.

Mastered by Marisa T. Dery at the Tape Complex in Boston, Massachusetts

Recorded at Wooley Mammoth/Produced by David Minehan. Mastered by Toby Mountain for Northeastern Digital.

Last Stand - Any Battle Won

Any Battle Won

1. Any Battle Won
2. All In All
3. Day Late Dollar Short
4. KDU
5. Days Like This
6. Amarillo's Shame
7. Bitter

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Last Stand - Boston Callin'

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