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John Felice

John Felice: guitar, vocals
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John Felice's illustrious career began in an unwitting role in one of rock and roll's great moments. John had the fortune of growing up in the west of Boston suburb of Natick as the next door neighbor to Jonathan Richman. He left the line-up prior to the recording of the now ground breaking classic The Modern Lovers.

When John branched out on his own to form The Kids, it was Jonathan that christened them The "Real" Kids when they learned there was another band operating under The Kids moniker.

The Real Kids were a Live at the Rat band . Spawned the classic All Kinds Girls. Real Kids found respect in the rock underground and with music collectors and aficionados became bona fide stars in Europe. US deals with Bomp and Star Rhythm'

Led them to European record deal with New Rose.

Taxi Boys

All Kindsa Girls (2003) Allkindsagirls

Cheryl Eagan-Donovanís evocative documentary about Boston garage-rockers The Real Kids, named for one of their quintessential 1970s Boston rock songs, isnít just a portrait of John Feliceís on-again, off-again band. It also delves into what might be called ďBoston band syndromeĒ (great band that shouldíve become big, but doesnít) and, to give the music context, dips into Boston rock history and the cityís preference for guitar-driven garage rock, with both Barry Tashian of The Remains and Jonathan Richman (who started the Modern Lovers with Natick neighbor Felice when the latter was 15) appearing. Of course, thereís onstage footage of The Real Kids, too, filmed at the Middle East, the Abbey and Avalon.

John Felice & The Devotions
John Felice & The Devotions

1. Make It Go Away
2. Iíll Say It
3. Iím Not There
4. Something Bad
5. Looks Like Goodbye

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