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Emily Grogan

Original Liner Notes


Emily Grogan didn’t discover her talent for singing until she was in labor with her first child. She is now the single parent of two daughters and has a successful music career. After studying classical piano in college and a brief stint with jazz at Berklee, Emily became bored with the conventional “rules” of schooled music and dropped out of Berklee to play punk rock. She went to work as a cook at the Boston punk rock club, The Rat, where she was turned on to the electric guitar (now her main instrument among the saxophone, drums, bass guitar, and harmonica.) This is a woman who lives life without hesitation. She has spent three weeks hitchhiking with hash traders through North Africa, worked on Wall Street and at homeless shelters in Boston, spotlighted as a medical model at Harvard Medical School and had her song “No Hitch” featured in the Sony Pictures film Jawbreaker.

Emily is poised to release her second full-length album, At Sea. The disc features the distinguished Mark Bowden on guitar, Stephen DeSaulniers on bass, and Ken Schopf on drums. She is currently signed to One Way Productions (Mighty Mighty Bosstones/ The Outlets/ Shake the Faith.) She is the front woman of her self-titled band and plays in the bands Angeline and Hormone Replacement Therapy. The latter is a group of mothers from Sharon, MA who have appeared on the “Today” show and will be featured in a 13-episode reality TV show in the U.S. and Canada called Rocker Moms. The show airs on the Life/Slice Network in Canada (the same network that airs Project Runway) in the Spring of 2007 and will be shopped to major U.S. Networks (after editing) for the Fall, 2007 TV line-up.

All songs/lyrics: Composed and Arranged by Emily Grogan (c) 2007
Recorded and Mixed by Ducky Carlisle at Ice Station Zebra Recording Studio, Medford MA

Produced by Emily Grogan and Ducky Carlisle
Mastered by Toby Mountain, North Eastern Digital, Southborough MA
Executive Producer: H. Brooks Whelan, One Way Productions

Emily Grogan: (lead vocals and back-ups, electric and acoustic guitars, **piano, Wurlitzer on 2)
Mark Bowden: (electric and acoustic guitars, slide and e-bow)
Ken Schopf: (Drums and percussion)
Stephen Desaulniers: (Bass Guitar)

The Steinway Piano was recorded at Milt Reder’s Rear Window Recording Studios, Brookline, MA

Thanks to the following musicians for contributing their talents and efforts:
Ducky Carlisle (Wurlitzer on 7, percussion, hand claps, sleigh bells)
Scott Murawski (Mandolin, back up vocals on 1,8)
Gordon Stone (Pedal Steel and Banjo)
Andrea Gaudette (B3 keys)
Clara Kebabian (violin)
Rebecca Thornblade (Cello)
John Martin (standup Bass)
Heidi Saperstein (Back-up ethereal Vocals on 5,1,9)
Julee Avallone (flute)
Lisa Yves (gospel vocals on 7,1,3)
Thanks to the Bad Art Horn section for arranging the horn intro in Far Apart with Getchell at the helm:

Russell Jewell (Trumbone)
Scott Getchell (Trumpet)
Kit Buckley (Saxaphone)

Special thanks to those of you whom inspired and/or assisted me in the making of At Sea: H. Brooks Whelan, Ducky Carlisle (The Best Ever Sound Wizard Extraordinaire!), Scott Murawski, Mark Bowden, Clara Kebabian, My family: Mom and Dad, Lily and Sophia Grogan, Epsteins, Hendersons, Robinsons, Diltheys. Alex and John Danahy-the Lost At Sea retrievers, Ken Schopf, Stephen Desaulniers, Milt Reder (your Steinway rocks!), Heidi Saperstein, Linda Viens, Tammy McLaughlin, The Plough and Stars family, Tracey Kaplan, Andrea Gillis, Zippo the wonder dog, Doug Despres, Katherine Deakin, David Grogan, Steve Sidhly, Angeline, HRT, and last but not least, the word WHY. Oh, and can I thank Ducky again?!

Photo credit and design: Doug Despres
Make-up: Katherine Deakin
Graphic Design: Tatiana Marcussian at Nimbit


“Emily Grogan, who may well turn out to be the next big thing out of Boston’s music scene…The singer/guitarist is a Botticelli beauty in a pink dress, with a sweet smile and self-effacing social manner, but anyone expecting a set of wan singer-songwriter introspections about boyfriends and rainy days is in for a bracing surprise.”
- Robyn Vaughn, The Boston Herald

“…well-structured songs with great guitar hooks, catchy lyrics…Much of her strength is harnessed in her distinct and powerful set of pipes, simultaneously aggressive enough to take a bite out of your arm, and the next moment, to be as soothing as a hospital nurse.”
- Keith “Rev.” Harris, The Northeast Performer

“…As a songwriter, Grogan's work is a mix of right-brain creativity and left-brain precision…”
- David Wildman, Boston Globe

Emily Grogan - At Sea

At Sea

1. End Of The Line
2. Time is Waiting
3. Weathervane
4. Lost At Sea
5. Restless Souls
6. Far Apart
7. Psychedelia in A
8. Evolution/Revolution
9. Walls and Windows
10. She's Gone
11. New Day
12. Upside/Upsidedown
13.Just No Good

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